Is Pay-Per-Call TV Advertising Right for Your Company?

Advertising on television can get you in front of 100 million households, but paying for airtime is not always the best use of your money. With pay-per-call TV advertising, we can get you in front of the same audience, but you will only pay when a viewer actually contacts you. While pay-per-call TV advertising is an incredible way to get an unbelievable ROI from your advertising budget, the method is not ideal for all companies. Don’t be frustrated from a lack of calls, ask these three questions to see if pay-per-call marketing could be successful for you:

Do You Have Wide Appeal and a Mature Target Market?

The TV marketplace is vast, which means super niche products may not appeal to enough people (unless you pay more per call in an effort to increase branding). However, if your product or service fulfills a need that most people have—such as wanting a cleaner home or needing car insurance—pay-per-call TV advertising can be very beneficial. The other caveat is that your target audience should be over 30 years old. Why? Because the Millennial generation often turns to the Internet for information, and if they do watch television, it’s frequently through streaming services.

Are You a Nationwide Company?

When we are creating a pay-per-call campaign, the less restrictions we have, the better results you will see. If we have to block too many calls, then your price per call goes up, which can make your ROI unfavorable. This means that you need to monetize as many viewers as possible. Ideally, you will offer your services/products in at least eighty percent of the country, with California, Texas, and New York being critical markets. If you need to exclude Hawaii or Alaska, that is not a deal breaker.

Do You Have 24/7 Call Capabilities?

When you are fighting for airtime and have a strict budget in mind, you may want to air your ad when there is less competition. Essentially, when stations are looking for a commercial to fill airtime, if they don’t have to worry about time restrictions, your chances of getting shown increase. This means that sometimes your commercial will show in the middle of the night and on holidays—and it would be wise to have someone on the other end ready to answer. Luckily, we have secured relationships with some of the best call centers in the country that can handle your call flow and treat your customers the way you would personally treat them.

At Ring2Media, we are dedicated to your success. Contact us today to learn more about our pay-per-call TV advertising. You set your price up front, and we work with our impressive Rolodex of television properties and call centers to help get you excellent ROIs.