Ring 2 Media moves the needle with an innovative Media Strategy that puts our clients in the position to far-exceed their revenue growth goals.

Massive Reach Drives Massive Scale

We drive thousands of calls per day by securing airings on top-tier cable networks including CNN, TV Land, Fox News, MSNBC, and others… delivered to you at a Fixed Cost per Call

Get more out of your marketing dollars with our Fixed Cost per Call model.  Our Media team works tirelessly to get your campaign airtime and exposure on the most sought-after properties and delivering results to you on a pay per call basis.  We’re able to make the campaign economics work for you by securing airtime at rates that are far below market value.

We’ve built the tools and the team to quickly identify media opportunities that are most profitable for you and scale your campaign fast.  Many clients lean on Ring2 Media’s innovative media strategy to deliver thousands of qualified calls per day- building their annual revenue goals and operational planning around our campaign.   

The Ring 2 Media Effect

Ring2 Media’s team aggressively pursues airtime on highly sought-after television properties to drive high-intent callers and create scale.  Key elements of our media strategy include: diversification of networks, rate and clearance negotiation, daypart & programming analysis, and analysis of client results.  The commonality within all of these elements is a laser-focus on results: ensuring that the calls are driving Customer Acquisition Cost metrics that meet or exceed goals while maintaining and consistently growing campaign scale.

Identify CPA Targets & Success Metrics

Understanding your customer lifetime value, non-marketing costs, and sales process are the building blocks of any campaign

Build a Responsive Television Creative

Skillfully pairing your product’s unique value proposition with a strong call to action is key to driving maximum response

Develop & Execute a National Television Media Strategy

Develop & Execute a National Television Media Strategy

Collect Performance Feedback & Optimize

Feeding campaign performance data into our proprietary Campaign Optimization Engine allows us to harvest predictive analytics that we use to optimize your campaign 

Drive Return on Ad Spend, Scale Campaign

Following where the data leads, a well-executed Optimization Strategy creates opportunities for scale while continuously improving your ROI

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