Ring2 Media Turns Ads Into Live, Inbound Calls – and Sales

Goodbye, cold calls. Goodbye, expensive leads. Goodbye and good riddance to the customer chase. Hello to a better way of making sales and making money.


Ring2 Media does for its clients what advertisers and telemarketers certainly have wanted to do for decades: prequalifies prospects, delivers them directly to telemarketing compliance laws, marketers were forced to generate inbound calls, ”Fidel says.“ Many call centers buy traditional media, then cross their fingers and hope they get calls. Good luck with that. We offer a better choice. We generate the calls and our clients buy them from us, paying only for the calls we send them. That’s performance-based marketing, and and pay a set price per call, so they know what they’re spending before they spend anything.

About Ring2Media

Ring2Media is the nation’s leader in data-driven, performance-based advertising and specializes in lead generation, media buying and video production, specifically in the Medicare and insurance sectors. The Company has developed the infrastructure required to build high-performance campaigns from the ground up with an in-house creative department, a world-class data science team, a dedicated media strategy unit.

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